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  IonBench - Shimadzu 8080 LC/MS. 

 (vista general a escala)

La imagen debajo es  una simulación (a escala) del sistema Shimadzu 8080 - NEXERA UHPLC Shimadzu (Autosampler SIL-30ACMP + Solvent delivery units LC-30AD).

La mesa de laboratorio Ionbench LC le permite hacer subir o descender facilmente su UHPLC (activando simplemente un interruptor), para un acceso cómodo a la cima de su Shimadzu UHPLC.

 La mesa de laboratorio Ionbench LC es montada sobre ruedas y se desplaza facilmente.

Fabricante :  Ionbench
Dimensiones (cm - w x d x h) : 55 x 65 x [57...87]
Dimensiones (inch - w x d x h) : 21.65 x 25.59 x [22.4 ... 34.3]
Pesa : 22 kg / 48.5 lbs
Capacidad  : 150 kg / 330 lbs

Fabricante :  Shimadzu

Ultra-high-speed multi-sample processing using SIL-30ACMP Multiplate Autosampler

The SIL-30ACMP achieves an ultrafast injection performance exceeding that of current models while maintaining ultralow carryover performance. In addition, up to 6 microtiter plates can be loaded, enabling a maximum of 2304 samples to be analyzed continuously. By incorporating these various functions, the SIL-30ACMP Autosampler is ideally suited as a front-end LC for LC/MS and LC/MS/MS systems.

Dimensiones (cm - w x d x h) : 54 x 50 x 41
Dimensiones (inch - w x d x h) : 21.2 x 19.6 x 16.1
Pesa : 61 kg / 134 lbs 

Fabricante :  Shimadzu

This parallel double-plunger model provides superior performance at micro flow rates, and enables stable delivery over a wide range of flow rates, from 0.0001 to 3.0000 mL/min (with a maximum operating pressure of 130 MPa) or from 3.001 to 5.000 mL/min (with a maximum operating pressure of 80 MPa). Its ultrahigh-pressure capacity allows using long columns packed with micro particles. It smoothly tracks settings and provides precise solvent delivery even for programs with sudden changes in concentrations, which is desirable for ultrafast gradient chromatography.

Dimensiones (cm - w x d x h) : 26 x 50 x 14
Dimensiones (inch - w x d x h) : 10.2 x 19.6 x 5.5
Pesa : 11.82 kg / 26 lbs 

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