IonBench products are designed to ease the day to day use of your TimsTOF – nanoElute UHPLC by providing a significant number of features that makes your working conditions better.

Many adjustable height ranges
If you run LC/MS, the height of the MS Source is a critical point. It depends of the Mass Spectrometer itself, but also of the bench height.
IonBench offer 3 possibilities :

IonBench LC: Contributes to Lab Safety & Productivity:

Most operators currently use a step stool to reach the top of the nanoElute UHPLC system. This means that they must obtain the step stool from its storage place, climb up and down to maintain solvents, stand on the small step stool surface area while they are servicing the instrument, and partially block the floor space around the system while they are performing this routine operation. This activity represents multiple opportunities for an accident and takes time.

Increase LC/MS Performance:

It make sense for a Mass Spec user to minimize the void volume between the column and the MS Source. This dead volume can be the cause of the chromatography peak tailing.

See the spectrogram below :
The spectrogram C has an optimized void volume (10µL)
The spectrogram G is a standard configuration, void volume of 50 µL
With IonBench LC, you can optimize the global performance of your nanoElute UHPLC – Bruker timsTOF combination by adjusting the height and see real benefits of the system mobility by placing the column as close as possible to the Mass Spectrometer source…