Benches for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry system


The most compact solution to accommodate automated liquid handling systems with associated robotics and complete computer set-up. 

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Liquid handling system
bench for liquid handling system

The ionBench mobile lab bench systems are made to support automated liquid handling systems and associated robotics. They are available with custom configurations under the bench for Z-axis work, waste storage, computer equipment ….  Our benches are designed as an all-in-one mobile system to provide more space, increased mobility and allow for future flexibility and scalability in a laboratory environment. ionBench systems support instruments from leading manufacturers including Eppendorf, Hamilton (Microlab Prep, VANTAGE, STAR and NIMBUS), Tecan (Freedom EVO series), Aurora Biomed, Beckman Coulter, Siemens, Eppendorf and others.


Our benches are ready to use all over the world. You just need to unpack the bench and roll it to its final location. We can provide many customization options. 

Fully movable ms bench

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Don't waste your time, send us your liquid handlers system ! We are here to help !

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HRM mass spec bench
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