This solvent manifold allows an easy and safe collect of capillary hoses directly into a single waste canister 

– Easy installation on the bench with a magnet system 
– All size of connectors provided with the manifold 
– Hose included between manifold and canister 

Magnetic manifold for solvent tubing management 

4 capillary connections (4x UNF1/4″) 
3 connection for tubing ID 5.5-8 mm (3x NPT 1/8″) 
Including fit of fittings made of PFA : 
4x tubing OD 1,6mm + 4x 2,2mm + 4x 3,2mm + 4x blind UNF 1/4″ 
2x blind NPT 1/8″, 3x hose connector for tubing ID 5.5-8 mm 

(tubes and capillaries not included)